Premium Holiday at Montigo Resort Batam

March 18, 2019 Eka Handa 4 Comments

Peeve of something is really pointless.
Create your own story, then you will know there are so many ways you can do, to get a happiness.

Yeah, beginning of this year, maybe we got same problem with domestic flight tickets price. Now its getting higher in Indonesia. The choice is, go to holiday with an expensive price of flight ticket or choose a vacation in a classy place in the area where we live. So based on the best choice, me and my friend decided to choose a vacation at a luxury resort located in the Nongsa area, namely Montigo Resort.

At this time, Montigo Resorts has two resorts in Indonesia. First, Montigo Resorts Nongsa at Batam, and second is Montigo Resorts Seminyak at Bali. Its under auspices of the KOP Limited SGX Catalist. Located in Nongsa, the northern coast of Batam. Just need 5-minute drive from the Ferry Terminal Nongsa Point Marina to Montigo Resort.

When I arrived, the weather was quite hot that afternoon, but returned refreshed after I drank the welcome drink with the lemongrass flavor given by the Montigo staff. After the check-in process, we were taken to the room using buggy because this area is very spacious. If walking, it feels very draining. Buggy services are available for all guests staying.
Welcome Drink
Hilltop Villa
Swimming Pool
Montigo has facilities and services include several luxurious pools, a fitness centre boasting beautiful sea views, a tennis court, a water sports centre, babysitting service, and buggy service to every corner of the resort. MICE facilities include a business centre, a spacious ballroom and other meeting rooms and events spaces.

And you can enjoy a relaxing massage at the spa, play tennis, or use BBQ facilities. Money Exchange service and rental vehicles are available at the tour desk.

Villa Two Bedroom
Montigo Resorts has three types of lodging. First is Residence, second is Villa and third is Studio. Me and my friend stay at villa 2 bedroom number 71 with sea view. This villa consists of 3 floors, which first floor is living room area with sofa, LED TV, small kitchen, dining table and swimming pool. Second floor has two room with bathroom. And third floor is balcony with white sofa. Visitor can use it for barbeque activity at night or just for a relaxing place to enjoy the resort atmosphere.
Beautiful Scenary from Swimming Pool
Lets swim
Our room on the second floor is very spacious, equipped with long sofa, Led TV, Air conditioner, fan, cupboard with pajamas, iron complete with board, deposit box, dressing table, hair dryer, slippers and protection equipment from mosquitoes. One of surprisingly in our room is the size of the bathroom which is very large and classy. There is a large size bathup, two sinks with wide glass, separate shower and closet as well.
Main Bedroom
Living Room
Second Bedroom
Third floor
Lunch at café Montigo
Its time for lunch, we’re going to Cafe Montigo. This cafe is open to the public, for guests who do not stay. Café Montigo serves up a quaint and cosy space for friends and families to get together. While waiting for the food, visitors can relax in the area to the right side of the cafe, while reading a magazine. Initially Café Montigo was first opened in Singapore and is now present in Batam. Visitors can enjoy various types of food provided by the café.
The Front of Café Montigo
Café Montigo
For lunch we choose Rijsttafel set. This menu consists of yellow or white rice, mixed vegetables on coconut gravy, spycy tiger prawn, wok fried squid chili lime soya sauce, glirred fillet snapper green and red chili sambal, chicken stew on coconut yellow broth, beef stew “batavia style” and sweet corn fritter. We also ordered desert and walaaa, the taste of the food is very nice.
Rijsttafel Set
Desert: cheese cake, chocolate cake and caramel cake.
After lunch, we tried some of sports activities that I will tell separately. On this post only focus to villas, food, cafes and facilities. The activity we took on the first day is archery, ATV riding and visit the Tillo Kids Club. Whereas for the second day, when finished breakfast. We tried indoor games, virtual games in the Moyo room. After that, we tried playing air soft gun while waiting for the tide because we want to do jetski and wake boarding activity.

Tillo Kids Club
This building made from bamboo. If the weather is hot, this place still comfort and keep cool. If weathers cool, this place would be warm. There are so many games to choose at Tilo Kids Club, such playing at wading pool, private cabins stocked with board and video games, and communal spaces offering fun-filled activities such as guided arts & crafts. It's free and available for children aged from four to twelve years.

If your children wants to play with staff, you can pay more. They will play and seeking the whereabouts of Tilo (stuffed baby chicks),  or doing baking sessions. And for information only, Tilo is a mascot of Montigo. Children's activities at Tilo Kids Club starts from 9 am and finished at 4 pm.

Dinner at Tiigo Beach Club
Located at the tip of the resort with a view overlooking the sea and has a swimming pool in the front. Unwind in the comfort of shaded outdoor loungers, at the sand park or on the cabana beds. The perfect time to relax and enjoy the beautiful view of Tiigo Beach Club is in the afternoon, where we can see the beautiful orange light, down to the horizon. Sunset at Tiigo Beach Club is very charming. Tiigo Beach Club open from 9.00am to 23.00pm.

Chicken and Prawn Cigarette
Tiigo 555 Pizza
Swimming Pool at Tiigo Beach Club
For that night we ordered one of signature food at Tiigo Beach Club and yeah, this is second time I ordered same menu because I really love it, Tiigo 555 pizza yeaaaah. The pizza is very large, 50 cm in diameter consisting 5 different cheese and 5 kind of topping and condiments.  We also ordered Chicken and prawn cigarette, consist of minced chicken and prawn, spring roll skin and served with Thai sauce. When finished dinner, let sleep to get a better condition for tomorrow ^-^.

Breakfast & Lunch at Tadds Restaurant
Tadds restaurant provided western and traditional menu for breakfast, there's a lot of food and varied. Breakfast are composed of yellow rice, sausage, hash brown, slice beef, mix vegetable, chicken porridge, chicken soup, fried rice and some other foods. There’s also has pastry corner, yoghurt, cereal with fresh milk, salad, fruit, pancake, waffle, juice, coffee, and infused water.

Kids Corner
Not only provide food for adults, Tadds Restaurant also provides kids corner for breakfast. For kids corner, Montigo provide hash brown, sausage, dougnut, cup cake, biscuit, marshmello and cereal. one thing that caught my attention, children's tableware look colorful, the plates and the spoon.

Lunch before check out

I am very satisfied staying 2 days 1 night at the Montigo Resort. The staff very friendly, the food is tasty and most importantly, the bed was super comfortable. See you, I hope you enjoy to read my review.

Montigo Resorts
Jalan Hang Lekir Nongsa, Sambau, Nongsa,
Kota Batam, Kepulauan Riau 29465.
Web :


Ceriakan Liburan dengan Paket Sunday Cheerpool Brunch dari Harris Resort Barelang

March 17, 2019 Eka Handa 12 Comments

Sunday Cheerpool Brunch sepertinya kedengaran menarik. Nah, tema Cheerpool Brunch saat ini sedang hadir di Harris Resort Barelang guys. Jadi, Harris Resort Barelang menyediakan paket terbaru setiap hari Minggu dari jam 11.00 sampai jam 15.00 wib di Rock Salt Beach Club. Paket tersebut sudah termasuk berenang dan makan siang, dibandrol dengan harga 250rb untuk orang dewasa. Sedangkan untuk anak-anak dari umur 4-12 tahun dikenakan biaya 150rb per anak.

Lumayan terjangkau nih, buat kalian yang pengen liburan di sekitar Batam dengan suasana yang cozy nan classy. Bertempat di Rock Salt Beach Club yang menyuguhkan view pantai berpasir putih dan tentunya latar belakang yang sangat ikonik dari Kota Batam, apalagi kalau bukan Jembatan Barelang atau Jembatan Tuanku Fisabilillah.

Nah, buat kalian yang pengen datang ke Harris Resort Barelang tanpa menginap, bisa banget cobain paket yang satu ini. Saat cuaca tengah terik, percayalah, viewnya joss banget, langit dan air kolam memberikan perpaduan sempurna, rasanya seperti bukan di Batam loh guys hehe.

Menu makanan yang disajikan cukup beragam, terdiri dari main course, desert, live cooking dan pastry. Main course terdiri dari butter rice, pasta, meat ball bolognaise, mix seafood dill mouselline, chicken piccata, dan daging kambing panggang. Di bagian desert terdiri dari rainbow cake, carrot cake, cup cake, salad buah, pudding, rice cake, dan aneka buah. Dibagian pojok yang lain juga terdapat pancake, waffle, French fries, dan aneka sajian lainnya.

Dari semua menu sajian, yeah, kesemuanya enak dan pas dilidah seperti biasanya, jadi ga perlu diragukan lagi deh kualitas Harris Resort barelang ini guys. Soal pelayanan apalagi, buat aku Harris Resort Barelang exelent. Staffnya ramah, penuh senyum dan cepat tanggap, bahkan ketika ada anak kecil yang jatuh, mereka sangat perhatian dan cepat menenangkan sehingga suasana tetap nyaman tanpa ada gangguan hehe.

Mengisi liburan singkat yang cuma di batam ini, aku bersama teman bermainku mencoba paket Sunday Cheerpool Brunch, ga perlu diragukan lagi, pulang dari liburan tipis-tipis ini, semangat kembali terpacu pokoknya. Jadi buat kalian yang pengen ngerasain ambience Harris Resort Barelang, buruan deh cobain paket terbaru dari mereka.

Harris Resort Barelang - Batam
Jalan Trans Barelang
Tel : +62 778 409 111 Fax : +62 778 4091333
Email :


Naik Kereta Api Malam dari Malang ke Yogyakarta

March 13, 2019 Eka Handa 16 Comments

Menyimpan kenangan itu baik. Begitu pula potongan mimpi, jika dikumpulkan dengan benar akan menjadi sebuah kenyataan utuh dan menyenangkan untuk dikenang dikemudian hari.

Hujan yang mengguyur Surabaya malam itu cukup membuatku lelah dan membantu proses tidur menjadi lebih cepat dari biasanya. Alhamdulillah, keesokan hari, pagi menjelma dengan cuaca yang tampak bersahabat. Aku bergegas untuk check out dari penginapan dan memesan gojek untuk menjangkau terminal bus bersama seorang teman. Kami akan berangkat menggunakan bus dari Surabaya menuju Malang. Nantinya di Malang, kami akan bertemu dengan 4 orang teman yang sudah lama tak jumpa.

Ini adalah perjalanan keduaku menggunakan bus dari Surabaya menuju Malang. Selalu menyenangkan bisa melihat deretan rumah warga yang bentuknya berbeda dengan bangunan rumah di tempat asalku. Sesekali aku melihat perbukitan hijau berlatar langit biru. Deretan gumpalan awan putih juga tampak membentuk pola unik yang menghiasi birunya cakrawala. Tanpa sadar, tiga jam berlalu, aku telah sampai di terminal bus Arjosari, Malang.

Sembari menunggu temanku yang lain, aku diajak makan Bakso Malang di terminal bus Arjosari, haha, ternyata begini rasanya. Super enak, baksonya banyak sedangkan mienya seuprit, aku merasa menang banyak saat itu, apalagi harganya murah sekali. Jangan harap bisa menemukan bakso sebanyak itu dengan harga murah di Batam, justru porsinya terbalik, banyakan mie dari pada bakso, hehe.

Setelah menunggu beberapa saat, akhirnya kami bertemu dan memutuskan untuk berwisata ke area Coban Rais. Dari Terminal Arjosari ke Coban Rais dibutuhkan waktu sekitar 46 menit berkendara. Hawa sejuk menyambut kedatangan pengunjung karena di tempat ini banyak terdapat pepohonan. Dari gerbang pintu masuk, kita bisa menikmati dua objek wisata sekaligus, yaitu Batu Flower Garden dan Coban Rais. Biaya masuk per orang dikenakan sebesar 10 rb untuk orang dewasa. Jam buka dimulai dari jam 7.30 dan tutup pada jam 15.00 wib.

Kawasan wisata Coban Rais terletak pada ketinggian 850mdpl dengan suhu 18-230C. Sementara ketinggian air terjunnya diperkirakan setinggi 75m. Di area ini banyak ditumbuhi Pohon Pinus, Eukaliptus, Flamboyan dan Mahoni. Disini juga terdapat bumi perkemahan, fasilitasnya antara lain adalah parker yang luas, mushola, toilet dan tempat makan khas pedesaan, sejuk dan asri. Untuk menuju area Coban Rais hanya bisa dilakukan dengan cara berjalan kaki sejauh 2km.

Berhubung malam harinya aku akan melakukan perjalanan menggunakan kereta api, jadi niat menyusuri keindahan Coban Rais, aku urungkan dan lebih memilih menikmati suasana di Batu Flower Garden. Berbeda dengan Coban Rais yang membutuhkan fisik yang prima, destinasi wisata yang satu ini lebih cocok untuk yang tidak suka berpetualang karena tempatnya mudah dijangkau.

Batu Flower Garden merupakan taman wisata buatan yang dipenuhi dengan bunga dan spot foto instagramable. Banyak tempat berfoto yang bisa dipilih oleh pengunjung dan harga untuk setiap spot foto juga berbeda-beda, jika membawa kamera, action cam dan drone akan dikenakan biaya yang dibebanan ke pengunjung. Disini juga terdapat Rumah Hobbit yang menarik perhatian. Untuk fasilitas, terdapat mushola, toilet dan tempat makan.

Setelah mengexplore kawasan wisata, kami bersiap-siap melanjutkan perjalanan menuju stasiun kereta api Malang dengan tujuan Kota Gudeg. Aku menggunakan kereta api dan memilih perjalanan malam supaya bisa tiba dini hari di Jogja, tentunya juga untuk mempersingkat waktu dan menghemat biaya penginapan.

Ini kali pertama aku menggunakan transportasi kereta api dalam negeri, ternyata menggunakan kereta api sangat on time, jadwalnya ga meleset, kirain ada delaynya gitu seperti transportasi laut dan udara hehe. Nah untuk pemesanan tiket kereta api, aku melakukannya lewat HP menggunakan aplikasi karena lebih praktis dan banyak diskonnya, harganya juga lebih murah ketimbang yang lain.

Mau pesan penginapan, tiket pesawat, tiket kereta api juga mudah banget, tinggal pilih tanggal sesuai keberangkatan. Metode pembayarannya juga banyak, tinggal pilih mau bayar lewat kartu kredit, Kartu debit atau transfer bank. Perjalanan dari Stasiun Malang Kota Lama menuju Yogyakarta ditempuh dengan waktu sekitar 7 jam lebih. Lumayan banget buat tidur dan selamat datang di Yogyakarta!!


Breezy Saturday Jazz Brunch at Nelayan Beachfront Restaurant Bintan Lagoon Resort

March 13, 2019 Eka Handa 5 Comments

Boasting stunning views of the South China Sea and a relaxing island ambience, the Jazzy Saturday Brunch promises chilled out vibes for an idyllic Saturday away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Staged at Nelayan Beachfront Restaurant, the Resort’s signature dining outlet, the Saturday Jazz Brunch features a sumptuous range of dishes orchestrated by Nelayan Chef M Rafi, Senior Executive Sous Chef Adli Nizam and Resort Manager Suhairi Idris.

The cool contemporary and smooth jazz sounds of Spyro Gyra, George Benson, Lee Ritenour, Incognito and top jazz artistes are now reverberating at Bintan Lagoon Resort in a new brunch setting of luxe dishes by the beach.

The brunch features gourmet dishes such as Steak Tartare, Butter Shoyu Grilled Scallop with Salsa Verde, chilled fresh seafood and sushi, seasonal cheese, Lobster Bisque, an Egg Station, artisanal breads, Slow Roasted Prime Beef Rossini & Seared Foie Gras, Herb Crusted Rack of Lamb, Hyderabadi Briyani of Duck, local Bintan delights such as Laksa Lemak Ikan Tengiri, Beef Rendang, Prawns & Quail Egg Sambal, a Waffle Station and more.

Each course/dish will be delicately matched with champagne and wines from well-known wine regions such as France, Australia and Italy. The resident Orlin Band will be getting toes tapping and bodies swinging to its lively repertoire of well-known jazz hits. Plans are in the pipeline to showcase guest jazz talents as well.

Jazzy Brunch @ Nelayan
Time: 11am – 2:30pm
IDR688,000++ or S$68++ - Brunch only
IDR888,000++ or S$88++ - Brunch with free flow of wines
IDR1,288,000++ or S$128++ - Brunch with free flow of champagne and wines
*Subject to taxes and service charge

About Bintan Lagoon Resort
Sprawled over 300 hectares of beachfront gardens in the tropical paradise of Bintan, Bintan Lagoon Resort is the premier lifestyle destination for leisure, golf and corporate meetings & incentives with its own ferry terminal. A 75-minute direct ferry ride from Singapore, Bintan Lagoon Resort boasts 450 contemporary rooms, suites and villas complemented by an impressive range of 14 wining & dining options, nine function rooms and a dedicated MICE (meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibitions) Centre.

For leisure, there are two world-renowned 18-hole golf courses designed by Jack Nicklaus and Ian Baker-Finch comprising the Bintan Lagoon Golf Club and a slew of over 50 sea sports and land activities including a day spa.

Bintan Lagoon Resort Jalan Indera Segara Site A12
Lagoi, Teluk Sebong
Bintan, Kepri - Indonesia
Telp : +62 770 691388 / +65 62233223
Fax  : +62 770 691300
Email  :


Harris Resort Barelang Batam Offers the New Vibes

March 01, 2019 Eka Handa 4 Comments

Welcome to Harris Resort Barelang Batam - a beachfront destination next to the picturesque iconic Barelang bridge in Batam; has officially transformed  into the latest concept of HARRIS Hotels, HARRIS New Generation, during an inauguration event today. The  must-go popular resort for family guests has been opened for a year since February  2018.

HARRIS New Generation sets apart from its previous generations with new direction and identity, it emphasizes on healthy lifestyle by inspiring and encouraging guest, business partners and communities to lead a healthier lifestyle and to stay fit through hotel facilities and various hotel activation programs.

HARRIS Resort Barelang Batam moves forward as well by offering an optimum tropical experience for leisure and business with its seaside location, white sand beach, swimming pools, blissful spa, kids club & water playground along with outdoor activities namely jogging, cycling and other recreational sports.  

The architecture and design have a strong focus on bright tones material and warm lighting with orange color as points of interests, aligned with its refreshed tagline STAY BRIGHT.

"We are very excited with the new vibes of  HARRIS Resort Barelang Batam”, said Hugues Hervier de Courtisigny General Manager HARRIS Resort Barelang Batam. "This resort has only opened its doors in 2018 and since then has become one of the most popular resorts in Batam. We are very proud of the changes that have taken place for the transformation into HARRIS New Generation and also, the achievement of our dedicated team so far.”

“A brand is more that just a name or a logo, it is every single touch point of the guest experience. HARRIS New Generation is committed to providing our guests with bright experience in each of their stays across all of our hotels,” added Stefano de Champeaux Corporate Brand HARRIS Hotels.


Harris Resort Barelang is a resort overlooking the sea, located only 5 minutes to the landmark of Batam - Barelang I Bridge and 30 minutes from Batam Center International Ferry Terminal and Hang Nadim International Airport. HARRIS Resort Barelang Batam provides 173 rooms with 3 room categories: HARRIS Room (Garden View, Pool View & Sea View) with a size of 33m2, HARRIS Suite with a size of 66m2, and HARRIS Villa measuring 130m2 equipped with a private swimming pool.

It has unmatched facilities including HARRIS Café with Live Cooking Pizza, Harris Juice Bar, Dino Kids Club & Water Playground, Children's Pool, Unlimited Pool, Spa, Fitness Center, Bay House, Harris Boutique, A Beach with a Modern Concept for Sports & Non-motorbike Recreational Sports, Exclusive with white sand beaches, Jogging and Cycling, Business Centers, Internet Corner, Mini Mart and Spacious Parking Space for up to 200 cars. The resort is equipped with HARRIS Function Hall, the perfect place to hold meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibitions for up to 500 people with 8 meeting rooms.

About TAUZIA Hotels:
Established in 2001, TAUZIA Hotels is a portfolio of 123 hotels in operation and development under the brands of Préférence – a label for a collection of charming and discreet boutique hotels, HARRIS Vertu – upscale hotels bearing the concept ‘Joy of Life’, HARRIS – upper midscale hotels promoting healthy lifestyle and guests can ‘Stay Bright’, FOX Harris - midscale hotels with contemporary and adaptable design, YELLO – midscale hotels for aspiring travellers who appreciate creative design and technology, and POP! – economy hotels for smart and eco-friendly travelers. TAUZIA aspires to build a blend of culture in its management style and product development while promoting diversity in the hospitality industry. TAUZIA was recently recognized with Indonesia Most Innovative Business Award 2018 by Warta Ekonomi. Visit  or @tauziahotels for more information.

TAUZIA is a member of The Ascott Limited (Ascott), a Singapore company that has grown to become one of the leading international lodging owner-operators. Spanning more than 170 cities across over 30 countries, Ascott’s other brands include Ascott, Citadines, Somerset, Quest, The Crest Collection and lyf. Ascott is a wholly owned subsidiary of CapitaLand Limited (CapitaLand), one of Asia’s largest real estate companies headquartered and listed in Singapore. Ascott boasts over 30 years of industry track record and award-winning brands that enjoy recognition worldwide. For more information on CapitaLand and Ascott, please visit and