Staycation at Turi Beach Resort Batam

Februari 15, 2018 Eka Handa 0 Comments

Turi Beach is one of favorite destination for tourist from Singapore. The resort has a private beach, managed by Turi Beach Resort. Until now, Turi Beach still pvivate and beauty. When you entering the area of the resort, view towards the beach and walk to a long bridge at Turi Beach, you will feels different atmosphere. It feels like you're now in Bali.

This resort is located on the northern tip of the island of Batam. It borders with the two countries at once, which is Singapore and Malaysia. Target tourists Turi Beach are the expatriates of the other countries who lived in Singapore. No wonder when the holidays arrive, many tourists will come to Turi Beach Resort.

Mainstay of this resort is a blue sea panorama, beautiful white sandy beaches lined with coconut palms on the beach and the port of wood along the 300-meter overhanging to the sea. Hunting the Sunrise or sunset is very fun activities for photography lovers.
Long Jetty at Turi Beach Resort

Lodging at Turi Beach cottage in the form of scattered among the hilly Land. Consists of two types i.e., Riani Wing and Tirta Wing. Riani Wing is traditional thatched roof with a nuanced and wood-paneled, more visitors will certainly feel close to nature. While the Tirta Wing looks modern concrete-walled building.

Our room located in the tip of the resort with sea views. The ocean with sea waves and wind gusts. Each room has a balcony in Turi Beach Resort. Certainly it will become more value for visitor because they have privacy with his friends or family.

How to reach Turi Beach Resort
You just need 5-minute drive from Nongsapura Ferry Terminal and a 40-minute drive from central Batam. If you from Singapore, just need 35-minute ferry ride from Singapore’s Tanah Merah Terminal. If from Hang Nading Airport just need 15 minutes. 

Facilities and Activity at Turi Beach
Visitors can choose many activities at Turi Beach Resort. For sports ground as hoverboard, paintball, tennis, e-bike, golf course, telematch games, abseilling, trekking, team building, and camping. As for water sports, are available flyboard, knee boarding, wakeboarding, jetski, water skiing, kayaking, snorkeling, banana boat, parasailing, wind surfing, there's even a fishing trip also.

Turi Beach has two swimming pools, with the first floor are blue and green. Outdoor blue designs such as circles, while the green pool is rectangular. Both are facing the sea. Finished swim we can continue to have breakfast at the Taming Sari café. The friendly staff will be ready to welcome us.

The taste of the food is very guarded, after so many times I come to Turi Beach I have never been disappointed with the taste of the food. The material fresh, when Turi Beach Resort held an event, the things I like is the traditional drink that originated from Indonesia, it seemed very fitting on the tongue.