Spend Quality Time in Pangkil Island, Private Beach Resort Near from Singapore

August 20, 2018 Hijab Traveller 21 Comments

Have you ever dreamed of living in a private island with your beloved people? enjoy the beauty, simplicity, and ambiance of tropical island with family, closest friends or with your lovely wife/husband for a honeymoon. At Pangkil Island you can do it, just you and your group, no the others.

On this island you will get peace, luxury and privacy. The whole island is temporarily owned by you for a couple of days. You can choose whether room or any place you like, because Pangkil Island only rent the island for one customer at one time. This island can accommodate 10 to a maximum of 60 people. There are 20 staffs will be standby whenever you need.

There are over 40 species of plants in the island-including two stands of mangrove trees.  inside the island there are also 19 species of birds. The Great Mormon is one of the most common butterflies present in Pangkil and there are also interesting land snails, the beautiful Golden Web Spider, and lizards.


Second week in August, my friend and I go to Pangkil Island, located in the southeast corner of Bintan Island. The waves and pounding from the speedboat that we were riding were enough to spur adrenaline and sometimes I heard a bit scream from some of my female friends. Such kind of waves i've been longing for when I start the journey to the island

Sea journey takes about 15 minutes from the port to Pangkil Island and this is the first time in my life to be greeted a welcome drink on the beach, in a beautiful tropical island. Soft white sand, Eye catching glass with refreshing drink eliminates thirst on that afternoon. Oh my, it was so sweet and memorable. Stunning island views with friendly staff smiles, giving a special impression, until my feet didn't trace the water. Pangkil Island provide stair when we arrived.

The overall building of the island using a solid wood taken from several surrounding islands. There is no concrete wall, no deforestation and now they have ten unique building at the island.

Main House
When the guests arrived, staff will be taken us to the main house to put stuff. Main house became a meeting place. At main house also available music, kitchen, bars, dining place, and some games. You can do everything like being at your home. At the top of main house, there one room with 1 king-size four-poster bed. It has a terrific balcony with stunning view.

Food and drink at Pangkil Island
Driftwood Palace
There are 5 driftwood palace here. Driftwood number one has 1 king-size four-poster bed and a small adjacent room suitable for an adult or a cot for a small child, this Palace and the Main House share a bathroom past the BBQ area.
Driftwood number 2-5, has 2 king-size four-poster beds. A couple of these Palaces have wooden benches, with a mattress and linen. Additionally, they can all house one or two more single beds. Each of these Palaces has an adjacent bathroom.

Tree House 
Tree House is located on the right side of the center of the island. The expanse of white sandy beaches and the sea has bluish green water hue will accompany you while relaxing on the balcony of the tree house. There is one bed with mosquito net and fan.

Pool House
This place is the most special among the other place in the island, in my opinion. Its location at the end of the island requires us to walk, pass the trees and big rocks. After that, boom, you can see beautiful scenery. A house with a swimming pool as deep as 3 meters.

Many activities can be done on the island. For outdoor activity such as kayaking, snorkeling, paddle board, sailing with dinghies, fishing, volleyball beach, and swimming. For indoor activity include billiards, table tennis and board games. In addition, visitors also can do picnic to several islands with additional fee. The islands that can be explored include Pangkil Besar Island, Murbai Island, Binyoso Island, Lina Island, and Mapur Island.

Audio systems installed at both ends of the island, free wireless internet connection island-wide also provided, except for the pool area. And if you have a meeting, this island also provide screen/projector. TV not allowed on this island, but they can provide if you have special request.

How to reach Pangkil Island
From Singapore
Crossing by using ferry from Tanah Merah ferry terminal to Bandar Bintan Telani. The staff will pick up us by bus, travel time about one hour to port. Then crossing by speedboat about 15 minutes to Pangkil Island.

From Sri Bintan Pura Terminal
The staff will pick up us by bus at ferry terminal, travel time about one hour to port. Crossing by speedboat about 15 minutes to the island.

From Airport Raja Haji Fisabilillah 
You can go by plane to Raja Haji Fisabilillah International Airport Tanjungpinang. The staff will pick up us by bus, travel time about 30 minutes to port. Then crossing by speedboat about 15 minutes to Pangkil Island.

For further information you can go to www.pangkil.com
Email address : paradise@pangkil.com


  1. Its So Amazing Island. Keren banget nih pulau, rasanya betah berlama-lama dan tidak ingin beranjak dari pulau ini

    1. Wkkkk bener, pas mau pulang itu rasanya males banget. Rasanya waktu cepat berlalu.

  2. andai saja aku horang kaya...maulah kusewa pulau pangkil ni, setidaknya kuajak anak2 panti bergembira disini dan biarkan mereka merasa ada di pulau milik mereka :)

    1. Ia mulia banget harapannya kak, semoga suatu hari bisa terwujud supaya bisa ngajak anak panti asuhan liburan bersama. Aamiin.

  3. such i wanna stay for a ling like, ah kerennnnnn banget pulau ini

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    Tapi yg namanya ekslusif tuk kenyamanan tamu apalagi turis berduit yg butuh privacy mmg hrs spt itu.
    Suami teman sy kerja di nikoi island ebagai tutor bahasa inggris tuk staf di sana aja ga bisa bawa keluarga meski sekedar berkunjung.

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